All-in-one personalized digital space for markets with busy professionals, families, or an individual who need easy access to laundry and dry cleaning services. Not only provides quick and easy tips of housing but also provides seamless laundry delivery service to your door.

My Role
User Research
Visual Identity
Mobile UI Screens


2022 Winter


Problem Statement

Laundry feels like a never-ending battle + There’s always more to be done

57% of people believe that a closet organized makes it easier and quicker to find what they need. A lack of free time to clean, ineffective organization and storage systems, inadequate space, and poor ingrained organization habits are contributing factors.


Design Opportunity💡

How can I simplify this to a seamless, effortless routine, enabling individuals to allocate more time for productive pursuits while promoting a healthier lifestyle?



All-in-one Personalized Digital Space for markets with busy professionals, families, or an individual who need easy access to laundry and dry-cleaning services


Desk Research🔎


Local partner facilities collaboration

  • Overall price range is high - Weak customer services


Rinse Valet pick-up/delivery system

  • Expensive Service Fees

  • Big premium & normal plan cost difference


Washclub Delivery/Pickups

  • Selections are unorganized/ hard to locate wishing options

  • No direct access to customer reviews

Tide Cleaners

Local partner facilities collaboration

  • No way to contact the team except over sporadic texts in the app

  • No direct access to customer reviews

Key thought Insights:

  • Customer values their clothes - Quick Customer Services

  • Aware of what clothes are out - Visualization of clothes

  • Expensive service yet weekly activity - Detailed + Smart Lifestyle Tips


Ultimate Goals

Good accessibility to clothing care Tips-Laundry, storage, repair (no need to search internet every time)

Help embrace a newfound lifestyle and find fullfillment in living alone

Keeps on track with regular house cleaning habits by having particular check-lists reminders

Save time and money by organizing existing clothes which would eventually lead to less consumption


Understanding Targets

Persona based off our wide range of an audience between 20s~30s with their ultimate goals

Key thought Insights:

  • How can they balance their priorities?

  • What can motivative people to do these endless household works?

  • What can be useful + efficient for keeping clothes on track?


Journey Maps

Comparison between before and after going out + Scoping out Pain-points


Core Values


Visual Identity


Main App Features

01 — Splash & Log in/Sign up

Accessible experience to sign up with personalized selections even as a guest user

— Personalized Selections

Users have the flexibility to prioritize their application using purpose and frames, and design their

homepage layout based on this data

02 — Home Page

Users can maintain their laundry routine using our reminder system, organize their daily tasks with our real-time weather forecasts, and receive useful outfit recommendations from our 'outfit of the day' feature.

03 — Store Page

Users can juxtapose items from diverse manufacturers conveniently. Effortlessly locate their desired product and get it shipped doorstep, irrespective of the time or location.



This undertaking proved difficult for me to envision from start to finish. Deciphering every intricate stage for why consumers might choose to invest in specific activities, tweaking user interface elements/icons for particular categories, and delving into community viewpoints required much thought. Regardless, I am overall pleased with the result and am curious about how it could become a reality if possible.