Share is a location-based rental marketplace that allows customers to rent out or rent outdoor and recreational items. Responsible for picking up and delivering items to the door safely, taking away the time and hassle of finding and meeting up with people. Now, not having something is no longer a problem.

My Role
User Research
Visual Identity
Web UI Screens

Jai Sawkar
Sascha Demetris
Xiansheng Zhu

2021 Spring


Problem Statement

300,000 items in the average American home being piled up taking space, dust and money. People often buy items for an one-time event and keep it in their garage after using it.

25% of 2-car garages cannot be used for parking
10% of Americans rent extra storage
46% of Americans cite this clutter as a major cause of stress


Design Opportunity💡

How can we make a safe and exciting tool for the process of renting and lending items that promote community interaction through sharing?



A location-based rental online marketplace, Share, for safe and secure rental of occasional-use items within a community.


Core Values


Ultimate Goals & User Behavioral Aspects


Understanding Targets

Persona based off our wide range of an audience and four stakeholders: Share, drivers, lenders, and renters. + Defined a minimum viable product service solution.


Visual Identity


Main App Features

01 — Home

Renting & Chatting is available right away for products you're interested in

02 — Detailed Product

  • Preferred delivery method options

  • Keyword hashtags on Profile area

  • Primary information shared in a description area

03 — User Conversation

Chatting available to negotiate prices or ask detailed product questions

04 — Renting or Buying Option

Comprehension of organizational dynamics, an expanded array of available objects, and heightened engagement among users



The limited amount of time available for me to create this prototype pushed myself to delegate tasks in a timely manner. This project also gave me a look behind the scenes of how business models are produced and made with a start-up idea.

If given more time I would have liked to have further developed on our prototype’s user experience as we were never given the opportunity to conduct user testing. Overall it was a very rewarding experience, and I appreciated the chance to try at being a creative director for this web and product concept designing.